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Thursday • 20 June 2024
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Islamic Marriage (Nikkah):

In Islam, Nikkah is a marriage contract which is in accordance with Islamic Law (Shariah). A Nikkah is considered as a serious contract in Islam where both parties have a series of responsibilities which need to be carried out.

At the IICC, we can provide Nikkah services to be performed at our centre which will be carried out by any one of the appointed Imams of the Islamic Integration Community Centre. We can also travel to a desired location of your choice (within reasonable distance).

If you would like to book a Nikkah ceremony, please contact us using our contact information provided and specify a date / time for the ceremony and estimate the number of guests attending.

Please note that there are certain requirements and documentations which need to be provided in order for IICC to perform a Nikkah ceremony. Please refer to our Islamic Marriage (Nikkah) page for further information on this.

Islamic Divorce (Talaq)

Talaq should be the last resort for families and should only be acted upon after efforts of reconciliation has been made. Although divorce is allowed in Islam and it can be seen as a sign of the lenient and practical nature of the Islamic legal system, keeping the unity of the family is considered a priority for the sake of the children.

After all efforts of reconciliation has been made and it has failed, talaq is permissible to end the marriage between the husband and the wife.

Please note that IICC only certifies divorces in the presence of both the husband and the wife and following all stipulated Shariah law.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this matter.